Enjoyable Challenge

This home highlights our ability to adapt to adverse conditions and unforeseen problems in design. The soil on the property had a very high clay content which hindered percolation of surface water. This was combined with its low elevation in relation to nearby property causing a funneling effect of water onto the property. Having encountered this many times before, the problem was remedied with high performance waterproofing on the exterior foundation walls combined with an extensive drain tile system connected to a sump system. The results are a dry basement in an area that would otherwise be prone to regular flooding and peace of mind for the clients.

This home, designed by an architect, contained an unusual stair arrangement. It was realized during construction that the stair system as designed would not work. Again, putting our years of real world experience to use we were able to reconfigure the stair system in a safe, attractive way that pleased everyone from homeowner to building inspector.

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